Auger Torque – S2 Augers

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Tip: Tungsten Carbide

Hub: 50mm Round

Spade: Standard

Length: 0.9M

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The S2 Range of Augers has been specifically designed for micro excavators and small machines up to 1T. S2 Range Augers use Auger Torque Earth Teeth and Pilots and incorporate Auger Torques unique Shock Lock™ Tooth Locking System guaranteeing that you will never lose your auger teeth when reversing your auger.

All Auger Torque Augers are built from high grade steel and incorporate many features that will allow you to work more efficiently and will make your job easier. Design features such as shallow pitch flights ensure they will cut with maximum efficiency and, most importantly, keep the spoil on the flights when removed from the hole.

The standard hub for the S2 range is 50mm round, however we are able to supply most hub options on the market. Heavy duty tubes and constant spiral cut are standard features that have given Auger Torque Augers their reputation of being the best in the industry.

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